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Charlotte County is country living at its best with natural beauty, green fields, clear water, lakes, good hunting and fishing. Located in South Central Virginia with a population of approx. 12000 people, average temperature of 35 degrees in winter and 85+ degrees in summer. Located approx. halfway between Danville, Richmond, and Lynchburg. Major highways are Highway 360 and 15.

This is a very historic county with many historic homes, the county courthouse, and other buildings. Patrick Henry lived in Charlotte county and was buried here.

There are two four-year colleges within 20 miles of the county and there is a community college in Charlotte County near Keysville, Va.

We have businesses, industries, churches, a good school system, recreation, doctors, and a hospital located within twenty miles of this county.

Charlotte county has lovely homes, land to build in natural settings, streams, ponds, forests and open land, commercial land and buildings.

Charlotte county is waiting for you!